Drupal Apprenticeship Initiative (DAI)


Our mission is to actively recruit individuals from underrepresented groups who want to learn Drupal and participate in the Drupal community but may not be able to do so on their own. We will provide them with free tuition for development training, a paid internship, and a full-time job upon completion of the program.

The purpose of the Drupal Apprenticeship Initiative (DAI) is to remove economic and systemic barriers to learning Drupal, and create a sustainable approach to bringing new members into the Drupal community. We found a proven model of a diversity-driven talent pipeline with the team at Treehouse through their TalentPath program, which finds talented apprentices through the the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Dress for Success. Through TalentPath, companies and organizations sponsor these students to learn programming through coursework and an apprenticeship. Those same companies guarantee jobs for the students who complete the program, and the companies also take equity, diversity and inclusion training to help ensure a welcoming environment for the students.

In conjunction with Treehouse, we are adding a Drupal component to the program; the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion group will act as allies, mentors and sponsors of the participants as they enter the Drupal ecosystem. Through the Drupal Apprenticeship Initiative, we are paving a clear path to a career in Drupal, and putting architecture in place for participants to succeed and thrive as members of the Drupal community.


Getting Started with the Drupal Apprenticeship Initiative and TalentPath program

Excited to learn more about the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion group, the Drupal Apprenticeship Initiative, and TalentPath? Is your organization a great fit? Get in touch with one of our coordinators by filling out the form below:

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If you are interested in volunteering with DAI in an individual capacity we would love to hear from you. Please join the #ddi-dai room in the Drupal Slack and say hello! You can get an automatic invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com if you need one. 

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