Virtual Contribution Day

Brought to you by the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Contrib Team

What is Virtual Contribution Day? 

Virtual Contribution Day is a 24-hour online-only event that will help new contributors get up to speed on giving back to the Drupal project.  

Because Virtual Contribution Day is an event planned by the DDI Contrib Team, we have a particular focus on helping folks from under-represented and marginalized groups within the Drupal community. We’re working hard to build a safe and supportive environment for learning how to contribute to the Drupal project. 

Who can participate? 

Anyone with an interest in giving back to the Drupal project. These skills in particular are very helpful: 

  • Writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Coding
  • Design
  • UX/UI
  • Project management 
  • And others!
  • Tell us about yourself and we'll find something for you help with.

When and where can we participate? 

Virtual Contribution Day is happening on September 1, 2018 starting at 00:01 UTC (midnight) and running for the next 24 hours.  

Join Drupal Slack here: and then join the #ddi-contrib-team channel. 
Mentors will have the :DDI: heart icon next to their names so you know who to ask questions of.


Who is the DDI Contrib Team? 

We are a small group of volunteers working to increase contributions to the Drupal project from individuals who are under-represented and/or marginalized in the Drupal community. Teams with diverse members make better products for more people. The dearth of diverse teams in tech, and in Drupal in particular, signals a culture where people of many different identities and backgrounds do not feel included in participating. By deliberately recruiting teams from spaces where people of diverse backgrounds collaborate, the DDI Contrib team is better positioned to have diversity in mind from the outset.

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