DDI Presentations

DDI presents at events around the world. Our presentation covers some basic D&I topics, how D&I applies in the Drupal community, and what our group is doing to improve our community health.


DrupalCon Global (video) - July 2020 - Presented by Tara King*, Alanna Burke*, Elli Ludwigson*, and Ruby Sinreich

Resource Library

We've created our Resource Library as a means of curating resources, recruiting contributors, and highlighting helpful resources. A very important part of our work is providing opportunities for education - for community members to learn more about topics they aren't aware of. 

Contrib Team

DD&I Contrib Team, a group working to increase code-based contributions from individuals from under-represented groups to the Drupal project. We meet in Drupal Slack in #ddi-contrib-team.

DDI Careers

A space in the Drupal Slack for the DDI community to post jobs, find jobs, discuss jobs, job postings, and companies, to give and get advice about work, careers, and for companies to find d&I related resources. 

DDI Session Help

Join us in #ddi-session-help in the Drupal Slack to We created the #ddi-session-help channel in the Drupal slack as a way to help people, particularly those from underrepresented groups, prepare session proposals for camps & cons.

DDI Speaker Initiative

Would you be interested in attending an online speaker training event, focused on helping people from underrepresented groups to overcome imposter syndrome, level up speaking skills, brainstorm and select a topic, develop a pitch and bio, and outline a talk?

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