• Are you a part of the Drupal Association? No. We’re a collective of volunteers.

  • Didn’t you have space in the Drupal Association’s booth at DrupalCon Baltimore? Yes. They donated it to us.

  • Why? Honestly, we didn’t ask. We don’t have the money to buy a booth space, so we took the gift we were offered.

  • Did Dries have anything to do with it? No, nothing.


We are a collective of volunteers that neither handles money nor has a way to receive or disburse funds.

  • Who bought the booth space? No one. The Drupal Association donated it.

  • Who paid for the stickers? Digital Echidna, and they offered to do so anonymously. (I - Nikki - don’t feel comfortable setting a precedent of anonymous donors and so would prefer to give them credit. )

  • Who paid for the photo booth supplies? We posted an Amazon Wishlist and organization(s) bought items from it. We have no way of knowing who bought what.

Membership and Opinions -_Who are you?_ We’re a collective of volunteers who started a grass-roots efforts to build a truly diverse and inclusive Drupal Community.

  • Who speaks for the group? No one. All text that appears on the website is crowd-sourced. Our twitter account is run by several volunteers, but the goal is to write objectively. Most of our tweets will be informative and we aim to avoid opinions or interpretations.

  • “I saw @username say ‘controversial thing’ on twitter. Does DD&I believe the same thing?” We’re made up of individuals who have their own opinions. All of them are free to speak their minds in every venue in which they participate.

  • What is your position on [controversial person or situation]. We don’t have one.

“I want to be involved and help make these decisions. How can I?” We make both decisions and recommendations (mostly recommendations it seems) for many things. If you wish to have a voice in making decisions about Drupal governance, Drupal’s Slack has a #governance channel.

If you wish to join your voice to ours, please do! We meet every Thursday in the slack channel at 9 PST/ 12 EST / 17 UTC.

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