2019 DDI Speaker Initiative

☕️ Espresso (short version)

Would you be interested in attending an online speaker training event, focused on helping people from underrepresented groups to overcome imposter syndrome, level up speaking skills, brainstorm and select a topic, develop a pitch and bio, and outline a talk?


Are you interested in this speaker initiative? This event isn’t definitive as we’re still looking for overall community interest and securing sponsorships. Complete our interest form so we can move forward accordingly.


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More details

Symfony is looking to cooperate with the Drupal community on a joint speaker training event, which I think is really exciting!!!!

The event would be spread over two weekends, with a two-hour session each weekend, which allows time to do some thinking and idea development between the sessions.

We’re looking at the weekends of April 27 and May 4, which right now are free of Drupal events, and that gives a bit of time to promote this now and at DrupalCon. Jill’s next free time isn’t until July, and I’m concerned about people’s availability during the summer with vacations.

My personal thought is that Saturdays might work better for people than Sundays, but I don’t want to presume! So that’s a question on the form.

And Jill’s on the west coast, so we’re probably looking at 12-2 ET, but if that time wouldn’t work feel free to say so.

If this sounds at all interesting, please please please fill out your info on the form!

We need to raise some money from sponsors to make this training event happen, but we need to be able to show that this event will be able to deliver results, and will be able to make a difference. So your expressing interest helps us to do that!

It’s okay if you haven’t given a talk before: this training is for you!

It’s okay if you’ve given a talk or two before: there’s some GREAT content in here to help you to take your first experiences and make the most of them to do even better next time!

And even if you’ve given a number of talks but you still get a pit of uncertainty, come along: you can still level up!

This is to help overcome imposter syndrome, help to develop an idea, a pitch and an actual talk outline that you can give in the next year. We really want to help folks to give more talks, and ideally I’d love to help support folks after this workshop is over too!