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DD&I Contrib Team, a group working to increase code-based contributions from individuals from under-represented groups to the Drupal project. We meet in Drupal slack in #ddi-contrib-team (meeting schedule). 


We are working to increase contributions to the Drupal project from individuals who are under-represented and/or marginalized in the Drupal community. Teams with diverse members make better products for more people. The dearth of diverse teams in tech, and in Drupal, in particular, signals a culture where people of many different identities and backgrounds do not feel included in participating. By deliberately recruiting teams from spaces where people of diverse backgrounds collaborate, the DDI Contrib team is better positioned to have diversity in mind from the outset.

Smaller teams are better able to build an inclusive culture from the ground up and enable one-on-one mentoring. A deliberately created initiative like the DDI Contrib Team is more likely to be visible and accomplish goals than perhaps impromptu teams or individual efforts.

It’s important to note that diversity should be intersectional, and consider race, gender, sexuality, disability, economic status, nationality, ethnicity, faith background, and specialty in Drupal/web development.

Get involved!

Join our channel on Drupal Slack: #ddi-contrib-team!

We welcome folks of all levels of Drupal experience, particularly those from under-represented or marginalized groups. We are finding ways to give commit credits to folks working in all skill sets, including non-code-focused work.

Here's our meeting schedule.


You can find a list of our initiatives in the issue queue. We welcome and encourage you to jump in and say hi, either in the channel or here in the queue.

Team Elephant

Team Elephant includes everyone on DDI Contrib Team. We meet on the first Monday of every month at 10 am PT to discuss upcoming initiatives, feedback on existing or completed initiatives, and more.

Team Octopus

Team Octopus is working on the Gender Field Module. We meet at 11 am PT on Wednesdays.

Team Owl

Team Owl does a mix of general front-end and back-end mentoring, as well as coordinating work on the DDI website. We are currently working on the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion website. The current work is focused on our 3.0 epic. An overview of the team and projects is located in the D&I guide (link).

Just drop into a meeting to join a team! We are always looking for helpful people.

More information

Learn more about Drupal Diversity & Inclusion at our project.



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