DDI Presentations

DDI presents at events around the world. Our presentation covers some basic D&I topics, how D&I applies in the Drupal community, and what our group is doing to improve our community health.


DrupalCon Global (video) - July 2020 - Presented by Tara King*, Alanna Burke*, Elli Ludwigson*, and Ruby Sinreich

Bay Area Drupal Camp - October 2019 - Presented by Tara King* and Ruby Sinreich

DrupalCamp Colorado - August 2019 - Presented by Tara King* and Ruby Sinreich

DrupalCon NA Seattle - April 2019 - Presented by Alanna Burke*, Heather Brooke Drummond*, Fatima Khalid*, Tara King*, and Elli Ludwigson*

Bay Area Drupal Camp - October 2018 - Presented by Tara King* and Ruby Sinreich*

DrupalEurope - September 2018 - Presented by Tara King* and Elli Ludwigson*

DrupalGovCon - August 2018 - Presented by Dori Kelner and Ruby Sinreich*

DrupalCon NA Baltimore - May 2017 - Presented by Nikki Stevens* and Ruby Sinreich*

The asterisk (*) indicates a member of DDI's leadership team.

Use policy: 

As this talk is focused around our work as a collective, the talk should always include a member of the active leadership team from the proposal stage through the presentation. 

If you are working on an event and would like to have Drupal Diversity & Inclusion's presentation at your event, please contact us at least three weeks before the session submissions are due: 

  1. Join us for a meeting. We meet in the #diversity-inclusion room in the Drupal Slack. You can get an automatic invite at http://drupalslack.herokuapp.com if you need one. Meetings are every Thursday at 9am PST / 17:00pm UTC (The Time Zone Converter is handy for this). You can see our calendar of meetings and sprints below.  Meeting agendas are available and open to contributions at https://drupal.org/project/issues/diversity

  2. Tweet at us at @drupaldiversity.

  3. Open an issue in our queue: https://drupal.org/project/issues/diversity

Other Diversity & Inclusion Talks

There are great d&i talks being presented in the community all the time.  We support lots of discussion on these topics and if you'd like to have support in developing a topic on these themes, #ddi-session-help on Drupal slack is a great resource.

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