DDI Speaker Initiative

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Would you be interested in attending an online speaker training event, focused on helping people from underrepresented groups to overcome imposter syndrome, level up speaking skills, brainstorm and select a topic, develop a pitch and bio, and outline a talk?

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Are you interested in this speaker initiative? This event isn’t definitive as we’re still looking for overall community interest and securing sponsorships. Complete our interest form so we can move forward accordingly.


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The Challenge

One of the most visible ways that people can see diversity within the Drupal community is who steps in front of us at events to share what they’ve learned and help to explain new and challenging concepts. When people can see themselves reflected in the people they see at the podium, that can be empowering and help create a sense of belonging. Conversely, when speaker lineups portray a dominant group, then those outside that dominant group can feel left out and not feel sure that they will feel comfortable at those events. Having a diverse lineup of speakers sets the tone for the entire event that inclusion matters here.

Empowering more speakers from underrepresented and marginalized groups also has a deep and powerful effect on those speakers lives. Speaking gives opportunities to deepen and showcase a speaker’s knowledge, and that can lead to better career opportunities. Those career opportunities can lead to more opportunities to speak as well as more opportunities to contribute back to Drupal and to the Drupal community and to help empower other people from underrepresented and marginalized communities. This can be part of a virtuous circle that lifts people up.

The Plan

Some of you may remember Jill Binder’s talk at DrupalCon Nashville in 2018 on how her team helped more kinds of folks start speaking at events in WordPress. We are pleased to be bringing her in to do the workshop for us in Drupal!

In order to be able to do the workshop, we're looking for people to complete the interest form so that we can go ahead to fund the initiative through companies in the Drupal space.