Drupal Diversity and Inclusion Vision for 2022


Our world and our communities are experiencing rough times. We are in year two of an ever-changing pandemic, and it’s made it very difficult to plan and set expectations. The pain of being constantly distanced from one another is yet another difficulty.

With that in mind, here are some themes that I would like to be our initiative’s main focus for 2022.

When coming up with plans and initiatives, members of the leadership team are encouraged to begin their plans and ideas with the framework of “how might we...” in order to not just look at problems to solve, but to see issues through the lens of possibility.


  • Many of us might be traumatized and scarred -- and continue to be.
  • How might we help people in their journey to restore their sense of wholeness?
  • How might we help facilitate closure and embolden people to continue on the journey ahead of them?


  • After 24 months of being suspended, holding our breath... being locked in and boxed in. We must intentionally seek to discover and create moments and experiences of joy for ourselves and others.
  • How might we collectively and inclusively celebrate life, no matter the form it takes?
  • How might we celebrate lives well-lived that have come to an end?


  • The world has changed, and so have you.
  • How might we help our community members transition into their next state of being - personally, professionally, spiritually?
  • Scaling up sustainably: How might we embrace the idea of doing more by doing less?
  • How might we find new ways to reclaim our time?
  • How might we find ways to do things more efficiently to save more time for ourselves and those we love?


  • How might we regain the power that has been stripped from our weary selves?

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