Application Process

If you’re interested in being a part of the DD&I leadership team, reach out to us at In prospective leadership team members we look for individuals who are actively contributing to DD&I meetings, initiatives, or our work overall. In some cases, we will also reach out to individuals in the community who are contributing to our work and invite them to join the team. 

The response to your interest depends on a number of things - how many team members there are, the number of active initiatives and workload we have, and your current involvement with DD&I.

The following are some recommendations to include in your email:

  • Name
  • Slack handle
  • Social media handles
  • username
  • Role requested (team member, advisory board)
  • What is most exciting to you about the work we do in DD&I?
  • What would you like to lead in DD&I?
  • Here’s our values statement. How do your values align or differ from ours? 

Once we receive your email, we will discuss your application and aim to respond to you within a month. Thank you! 

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