A Collective Vision for Initiatives

Building a Collective Vision

As the leadership team expands, we felt it was necessary to invest time in clarifying why DD&I exists and what purpose it serves in the community. In order to better define our focus, the leadership team did some collaborative activities to find alignment and build our shared vision.

My hope (leader: sugaroverflow) is that we, as the DD&I leadership team can take ownership of our shared vision and that we can set clear, measurable goals for each our initiatives based on our collective definition of success.

The Shared Vision for DD&I

  Education Advocacy Individuals

"We provide opportunities for education for community members about topics they aren't aware of. Topics such as intersectionality, systemic oppression, and the movements against oppression."

"We must stand in solidarity with those around us and challenge ourselves to be more vocal advocates."

”As we engage members to learn more, we also provide them with strategies to take action in their own lives and opportunities to get involved in our work.”


"We believe in praxis. Theory without action is meaningless."

DD&I Careers: for companies

DD&I website: content

DD&I Resource Library

DrupalCon Initiatives

DD&I Careers: for individuals

  DD&I presentations at Drupal events Speaker Initiative: training
"We choose to work with and within Drupal spaces to make them safer and more inclusive..."   Advisory board (external)

Contrib team - Outreachy

Drupal affairs involvement 
Contrib Team
  DD&I website: build Gender field module Mentoring and maintainerships

The shared vision leads us directly into the pieces of work that we do, as outlined below in our current initiatives:

Our Initiatives: 

  • Contrib Team

    • working to increase contributions to the Drupal project from individuals who are under-represented and/or marginalized in the Drupal community.

  • Careers Initiative

    • an initiative for the DDI community to post jobs, find jobs, discuss jobs, job postings, and companies, to give and get advice about work, careers, and for companies to find d&I related resources.

  • Speakers Initiative

    • while there have been improvements within the Drupal community in terms of improving the diversity of speakers at meetups, Drupal Camps and Drupal Cons, we still have room to grow. Working towards gender parity is one goal, but we also want to make sure we work on increased representation for people of color, as well as for people in other underrepresented groups.

  • Partnerships

    • Through our Advisory board, we hope to work with individuals from other groups in the Drupal community to collaborate, partner on, and promote  diversity & inclusion work.

  • Resources

    • Resource Library - curating resources, recruiting contributors, highlighting helpful resources.

    • Website content or blog posts and twitter.

    • Pre-made slide decks to talk about DD&I.

  • Drupal Events (including camps and DrupalCon)

    • Planning for and implementing tables, volunteer management, the photobooth, swag, and possibly events.

  • Drupal Affairs

    • Working to represent diversity & inclusion in the latest Drupal community affairs - whether that’s the code of conduct, governance, or other community initiatives.  

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