Initiatives 101

➤ How Initiatives Work

Proposing an Initiative

Anyone from the community can post an idea for an initiative on using the initiative label in our project. Before that initiative can be officially chartered by DD&I, it will need the following:

  • A mission statement, objective, or goal for the initiative to achieve
  • This should support DD&I’s values and mission.
  • At least one “Initiative Lead”
  • A member of the DD&I Leadership team as a liaison with the group.

Once an initiative is official/approved, we’ll update the issue summary with the above information and mark it as an official/active initiative of DD&I. These requirements are subject to change as needed by the leadership team.

Resources for Initiatives

To keep things simple, we would like to give our initiatives the ability to build and grow as they need. DD&I Leadership will provide the following resources if needed:

  • A name-spaced Drupal slack channel
  • Google drive folder associated with DD&I
  • Meetings and events on shared DD&I Google Calendar
  • Agenda items in the weekly meeting
  • Blogging or other publishing on
  • Other resources by request
  • Each initiative will have a liaison on the leadership team in order, but can be led by a community member. We encourage you to post weekly updates to the agenda issues - if you have them - we understand that this is volunteer work and you may not have an update every week.

➤ DrupalCon Initiatives

At DrupalCon, we work on a lot of initiatives to have a presence and get more people involved with our work. At DrupalCon Nashville, we had (link to the issue) a photo booth, a dinner program, etc, etc.

At the end of the year, we start planning for DrupalConNA. If you have ideas, please open an issue in our queue to discuss them.

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