Leadership Team Values

Drupal Diversity & Inclusion has a set of values that all leadership team members share (though, as with all things open source, this document can change!).

As a leadership team, we have an additional set of values: 

Take care of yourself. 

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.” -Audre Lorde

This work is important! But you as an individual are just as important. We don’t encourage overwork or stretching yourself thin. If you need support, we are here for you. The team can help. And if you need to step away for any amount of time, we will support you.  

We support & promote the voices of people of color, especially Black and Indigenous voices.

The Drupal community has always been (and remains) largely white, and the leadership team has previously taken the stance that racism is a problem exclusively for white people to work on. We remain committed to the idea that anti-racism work is at the core of our mission and to the idea that racism is a problem for white people to work on. Additionally, we are committing to adding multiple people of color to the leadership team. We strive to avoid isolating or tokenizing new team members, and we are expecting to revise many of our foundational documents with the input of our new team members. 

Leadership transitions are good for the team. 

We believe the BDFL model common in Drupal and other open source communities is damaging to our community and to the leaders who are stuck at the helm (whether they maintain an initiative, a module or some other part of the project). This model concentrates power in one individual, denying others the opportunity to grow and learn inside of a leadership role. It also leads to burnout and stagnation. 

We believe that leadership is as beneficial to the leaders as it is to the community, and so we commit to spreading the opportunity to lead among many voices. 

We trust each other. 

Working with the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion leadership team is all about collaboration—as volunteers, we are making things work with limited time and energy, picking up slack when others can’t participate, and cheering each other on as we move towards a better & more equitable Drupal community. We also find ourselves in conflict from time to time. We commit to listening to each other, to holding each other accountable, and to giving each other grace.  

We are independent. 

We aim to work collaboratively with various branches of the Drupal community, including the Community Working Group, the Event Organizers Working Group, Core Mentoring and the Drupal Association. At the same time, we value our independence from those groups and understand that we can effect change as a free-standing entity within the Drupal community.

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