Speaker Diversity Workshop: Register now!

The Drupal Diversity & Inclusion group is hosting an online Speaker Diversity Workshop to help speakers from underrepresented groups prepare to speak at conferences.

The two session workshop is September 21 and 28 from 1-3:30 p.m. ET each day. Learn more and register today!

Participation & Moderation Guidelines


Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DD&I) spaces include online spaces such as the Slack channel and Github repositories. Also included are physical spaces, such as DD&I-organized sessions at events, or DD&I tables in event exhibit halls.

We believe in freedom of thought and freedom of expression. We do not operate on the basis of absolute freedom of speech. We impose limitations, for example, on "hate speech" and any other communication or action that has the intention or effect of harassing, silencing, or causing harm to others.

Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate.

Please visit the pages in this guide for further information.

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