DDI @ DrupalCon Global 2020

This month we are gearing up for the first-ever DrupalCon Global. Though online events lack the human connection, they also have the potential to be accessible for many more people. We are adapting our usual conference activities to this new setting, and we hope you’ll get involved. 



We will have a booth! This means we can have: a handout/flyer, on-demand video content, and people “staffing” the booth — e.g. hanging out and having conversations with people who pop in to learn more about us. We’re looking for volunteers to help us staff our booth. Get more information on our Volunteer Tracking spreadsheet and sign up!

Be a booth volunteer


Speaker Trainings

We're going to be holding a slightly abbreviated speaker training at DrupalCon. What is the Speaker Training you might ask? Check out our initiative page with details on our past trainings!

If you haven't taken this training yet, get excited and do it! 


Other Sessions

Beyond the Speaker Trainings, we have a couple other sessions given by DDI leadership team members:



Discussions on Drupal and other technology-related topics used to gather together based on affinity or meet fellow attendees with similar identities through informal birds of a feather (BoF) groups!


Contribution events

We'll be around for Contrib Day! Join us and check out our curated issues that we'd love some assistance on.

Stream: https://contrib2020.getopensocial.net/group/19/stream

Issue queues:


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