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A space in the Drupal Slack for the DDI community to post jobs, find jobs, discuss jobs, job postings, and companies, to give and get advice about work, careers, and for companies to find d&I related resources. 

This channel is for the members of the DDI community to support one another and help get hired into the jobs we want at the salary we should be earning, as well as to help provide resources to the companies in the Drupal community. 

All DDI guidelines apply to this space.

Getting Started

Upon joining the channel, please introduce yourself and indicate whether you are posting a job, seeking a job, or hanging out. We all know that job hunting can be a sensitive matter, so unless otherwise specified we will all assume that each member of the channel is hanging out. We don’t want anyone to assume that joining this channel means someone is seeking a job. We welcome anyone to come and give advice or just take the pulse of the Drupal hiring world. 

If you are posting a job:

Please give as much information as you can. Be prepared for the DDI community to critique the post! While there are no requirements for posting a job in this channel, be aware that a company or post with absent or objectionable diversity policies will almost certainly receive constructive criticism from the community - try to anticipate questions. If you don’t know the company but are passing along info, please indicate that. 

If you are looking for feedback on a job posting:

Just ask and please be open to the feedback you receive. 

If you are looking for a job:

Please feel free to introduce yourself with some information about yourself and a link to your resume/website/LinkedIn. 


Check out the resources section of our website!


And the best site for job-related advice, resumes, etc: https://askamanager.org

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