The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team

The leadership team was created out of need for building a structure for DD&I to manage initiatives, plan our activities at DrupalCon, and balance the work of running the meetings and engagement. The current members of the team were selected by Nikki Stevens, founder, of the most active contributors and people who were already leading or managing initiatives.

Current team


Leadership Team 

Leadership Council (Internal)

Advisory Board (External)

  • To be announced


We received some feedback at DrupalCon Nashville (2018) that there was a lack of transparency around how the leadership team was selected and the duties they were responsible for. Thus, we started to define the leadership team, roles, and other DD&I governance processes. 

Team Structure and Roles

We believe the leadership team should be around 5 - 10 people, consisting of multiple roles - leadership team members who are active in the work, an internal group of council, and external advisory members who can help us succeed in the work that we do.

All leadership team members are able to shift roles whenever needed for as long as needed and are able to leave the team whenever they see fit. The Leader will schedule periodic check-ins with leadership team members.


  • Responsible for the overall group
  • Working on and managing initiatives and relationships
  • Checking in with leadership team
  • Running periodic meetings with the advisory board

Leadership Team:

  • Periodically lead the main channel meeting
  • Participate in text-based weekly leadership meetings
  • Participate in quarterly leadership team video calls.
  • Each member of the leadership team will self select an initiative to work on.
    • For each initiative they work on, they must set a goal for the year and report progress on that goal during leadership meetings.

Leadership Council

  • Advisors internal to the leadership team.
  • These individuals will be a part of the day to day of the leadership team, but can be involved in a self-defined capacity.

Advisory Board

  • Advisors external to the leadership team
  • These are mostly from the Drupal community as a form of partnership and to foster collaboration
  • Meetings occur periodically in a separate slack channel

Time Commitments of the Leadership team 

  • Weekly slack-based leadership team meeting - 30 mins / wk

  • Attending/Leading the weekly Diversity & Inclusion meeting - 45-60 mins / wk

  • Quarterly leadership team video calls with possible virtual activities - 1 hr / 3 months
  • Leading at least one initiative, checking with volunteers, updating the issue, reporting progress towards the goal of the initiative. - 2-3 hrs / mo

Leading the weekly meetings

Expectations of the Leadership team 

  • “You matter more than the cause” - The leadership team is meant to be sustainable, volunteer work. We appreciate you and you can switch roles, take a break or leave the team whenever you need to.

  • “Lead with compassion whenever possible” - This apples to conversations in our slack channels. Let’s be compassionate and understanding of people where appropriate. Since these conversations are sometimes the first face-to-face interactions we have with newcomers, let’s take a bit of extra care.  

  • We support individual accountability.” - Each leadership team member is accountable for their participation in the team, discussions, and votes. We communicate in advance when we anticipate being unavailable for meetings, and are committed to ongoing participation in any votes or action items that need our attention.

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