The Creation of Teams

As of this writing, our #diversity-inclusion slack channel has 428 members. When I started the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Group after DrupalCon New Orleans, I hoped that it would become something that people rallied behind and got involved with, but I didn’t set any long-term strategic plans. We grew slowly over the first ~9 months or so, and had a growth explosion in the last few months.

DrupalCon Baltimore Photo Booth

This year at DrupalCon, the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Working Group will have a booth in the exhibit hall. We plan to have a fun and engaging activity for visitors, which will involve taking their photo and printing it out with an imposed filter that says “This is what a Drupalist looks like!” or similar. We plan to hang these photos as a collage behind our booth, post them to instagram, and offer a copy to each visitor. We want to show how diverse the Drupal community is with a fun and striking visual.

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