About DD&I

The Drupal Diversity & Inclusion Group (DD&I) was created to continue the conversation about diversity and inclusion within the Drupal community.

This includes:

  • To provide a safe space to discuss issues of d&i within the Drupal community.

  • To provide support for people who are marginalized in technology

  • To provide strategies for increasing d&i of communities and organizations

  • To share resources/education about social justice issues in our technological communities - d&i, equality, inclusion, accessibility, etc.

DD&I believes that the Drupal community should be a safe, respectful and inclusive space for all participants. We believe that the Drupal project benefits from a diverse contribution pool and we strive to foster a welcoming and inclusive culture everywhere Drupal exists - at events, online, and in our workplaces. DD&I is a collective of volunteers that works to foster a network of individuals dedicated to equitable access and to create an inclusive infrastructure to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute.

➤ Statement of Values

It’s important that we are explicit about the things that we stand for. As a result, we have crowd-sourced the voices of our contributors to put together a statement of values. These values indicate that we’re moving towards something and not just existing. We’ve posted them on drupal.org as a part of documentation so that they’re available for people to suggest edits to.

Our Statement of Values >

➤ Participation & Moderation Guidelines

Drupal Diversity & Inclusion (DD&I) spaces include online spaces such as the Slack channel and Drupal.org documentation and issue queue. Also included are physical spaces, such as DD&I-organized sessions at events, or DD&I tables in event exhibit halls.

Our participation & moderation guidelines >

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