Contributor's Journey

Join our slack channel

Come into the #diversity-inclusion channel in the Drupal Slack and say hello! You can get an automatic invite at if you need one. If Slack doesn’t work for you, you can reach out to us on Twitter at @drupaldiversity.

Join us for a meeting

Join one of the weekly meetings on Slack. Read what’s being talked about, and get familiar with how the group works.
We meet in #diversity-inclusion every Thursday at 9am PST / 17:00pm UTC.

Add something to the meeting agenda to discuss.

Discuss Ideas

Take a look at some of our issues on for something that you’d like to contribute to - whether that’s partaking in discussion topics or sharing ideas.

You don’t need to be a coder to work on an issue! A lot of what we do here is community work and there are many issues and initiatives that you could help with.

Contribute to initiatives

Throughout the year, we organize different initiatives in the community - some specifically for DrupalCon. You can learn about our initiatives during our meetings or by perusing our issues filtered by active initiatives.

If you’re interested in joining an initiative, reach out the to the lead - on the issue or on slack. Tell them you’re interested in joining their initiative, give an idea of your skills and interest and ask them where you can be helpful on that initiative. The lead will guide you to a document, issue queue, or elsewhere that you can be of assistance.

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