Anti-Racism and Allyship 7 Day Journey offered by Stanford University.

Stanford, along with Hannah Yanow, responded to the very visible examples of racial injustice and systematic racism by creating a resource to help those of us who wish to know more about what they might do to enhance racial justice and support our colleagues. To that end, they created this 7-day journey for participants to learn, reflect and act to create a more equitable and just society for all of us.


How to Engage with This Resource
We have designed this journey to be self-paced, and to take about 45 minutes a day. We provide many additional resources should you want to dig deeper. You may decide to complete this all in one week, or you may decide to complete this over several weeks. It is up to you.

The journey is set up as a series of readings, exercises, opportunities for reflections, and Anti-Racist actions you can take. We hope you commit to completing it all. As educators, we believe that change starts with learning. We also know that it is important to internalize these learnings with reflection. As concerned citizens, we also believe that education and reflection are just the first steps; to begin to tackle the effects of centuries of systemic racism in the United States, we need action. To quote our colleague, Professor Brian Lowery, “The time for talk has passed. Now is time for work.”

For each day of the journey, we provide you with materials to read, listen to, or watch, along with prompts to guide your reflection. We also ask you to think about actions you might take, given that day’s learnings. On the final day of this journey, we ask you to reflect on all you have learned in the previous days and to state clear intentions for specific actions you will take. Throughout this journey, we also provide curated lists of additional resources, so that you can dig deeper and craft your further study on Anti-Racism and Allyship. We believe that by learning, reflecting, and acting, we can collectively work toward a better future.


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