EARFUL: ‘Another Round’ Producer On Why Diversity in Workplace is Essential

Jenna Weiss-Berman’s, a radio host/producer wanted to create shows that altered from the traditional format that catered to white male views and instead have more inclusive radio programming that spoke to a variety of underrepresented demographics. Though her podcasting structure opened the door for new voices, she argues that the lack of financial resources allocated in public and college radio stations, further enables the inequity seen since the only members who can rise through the ranks of such a system are rich white people in radio. Weiss-Berman argues that the capitalist concept of diversity is more optimal because if a company were to miss a demographic in their coverage of content or for instance, have a white reporter cover topics of interest to Latinos, that equates to a loss of revenue. Weiss-Berman suggests that it's time to stop discussing diversity and start to develop programs that are financially invested in bringing in diverse talent.


“I worked in ‘mission driven’ public radio for almost ten years,” says Jenna. “And yet the for-profit corporation I’m at now has by far the most progressive views on diversity of anywhere I’ve ever worked.”