"Focus on Affirmative Action" by the African American Policy Forum

13 Myths About Affirmative Action: A Special Series on a Public Policy Under Siege This 13 - part series provides readers with a guided tour of the current controversy about affirmative action. Each installment is structured to explore a widely held belief or assertion about affirmative action. Upon closer inspection, each belief is shown to be false, distorted, or unsupported by the evidence. As each belief is revealed to be a myth and debunked, the ensuing discussion re-analyzes the issue by offering information, research, and personal accounts from a range of commentators, including academics, activists and every day citizens. The series was premiered on the Michael Eric Dyson Radio Show and was written and produced in collaboration with Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw and the African American Policy Forum. This series is a project of the Affirmative Action Research and Policy Consortium, a project of the African American Policy Forum.

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