It’s Time For The Left’s ‘Progressive’ Men To Start Listening

Men are becoming more present in the feminist rights movement but the attitudes towards women have changed very little. The sexual harassment and traditional notion of women having a secondary voice if not role altogether, still permeates the progressive movement. This lack of understanding among male progressives represents a hypocrisy within the movement in general that represents equality and an end to socio-political and economic disenfranchisement. Such attitudes that marginalize the voice of women have been shown to only exacerbate the inequity women face in society. The need for male dominance over the narrative of lived experience and socio-economic hardship has done little to differentiate the men of the progressive movement to that of their counterparts.


Far too often, whether in local town meetings, legislative hearings, or editorial meetings, women are spoken over, or listened to briefly, then ignored. I’ve also witnessed how their contributions are erased or, worse, claimed by men. More disturbing is the abuse and sexual harassment women and nonbinary people face when they attempt to participate in events and actions.