Nurturing diversity at work and in your work

It's time to create an intentional environment that promotes diversity and not make excuses about how our job descriptions or organizational positions hinder us from hiring and promoting work equity. We should admit our bias and use it to create awareness of the issues facing us in the workplace. We must combat the promotion of homogeneity and its culturally accepted normality because that prohibits us from accepting our differences and embracing such uniqueness as a quality and not a detriment to organizations. We must move beyond gender and see that the values we attribute to men should equally be attributed to women because we all expect leadership, nurturing, and caring from a person regardless of their gender. We should also move away from the idea that women cannot have an interest in sports and be good at it or lead organizations. We're moving into a "post-boy world" and into a world defined by women having more of a voice but this represents challenges. One such challenge is that we must move away from the belief that women should only be promoted using performance metrics while men are promoted by potential which in itself is a traditional white male dominance created paradigm.


Homogeneity is not normal. But we’ve been conditioned toward homogeneity and non-diversity over the decades by media, exacerbated in 2016 with Fox News crowned the most watched cable network and their all-white men prime time line-up. By pop culture and its lack of diversity in TV, movies, magazines and books. And even down to education design with text books.