Etsy CTO: Prioritizing Diversity in Our Hiring Fielded Better Women … and Men

Article from The Atlantic showing how, in a less than two-year period, Etsy quintupled the number of women on its engineering staff, and made other gains in the process.


Interestingly, [Etsy CTO Kellan] Elliott-McCrea also found that by trying to hire women, they fielded better male candidates too. "We found that the engineers who are excited about the fact that we are trying to recruit women and that we have that as a value -- men or women -- are the people we actually want to be hiring. The men who come into our organization who are excited about the fact that we have diversity as a goal are generally the people who are better at listening, they're better at group learning, they're better at collaboration, they're better at communication. They're particularly the people you want to be your engineering managers and your technical leads. These people are hard to find, and when you can find them they're awesome."


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