Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture


‚ÄčThese pages contain artwork, poetry, quotes, and videos from racial justice activists, ancestors, warriors, and healers. I am hoping to transgress white supremacy culture in the website's design and content in an attempt to acknowledge how we learn in so many different ways. I want to make this a space where you can linger if you want to do that, dig in, consider, reflect, question, go "ah ha" or "oh dear" or "yes."

This home page offers a general overview and serves as one gateway to the pages about the characteristics (see buttons below). Please also take a look at the list of brilliant human beings who offered to read the website and give feedback before and as it launched. You will also find a printable downloadable version of the website at the bottom of this page.

The what is it? page summarizes one take on setting white supremacy culture in its historical context. The intent is to offer a way of understanding what white supremacy culture is, explain the use of the word "source" and of the word "we." The page includes a juicy video conversation with Susan Raffo about white supremacy and belonging.

On the about page, you will find a longer explanation about the why behind the website. I take a quick look at white supremacy's roots as a tool of the Christian ruling class, and I offer a short bio. This page also includes credits to and for those who informed the original article and make up beloved community for and with me now.

The characteristics page is the gateway to the pages about each of the characteristics (as is this home page). The page also offers an explanation of what white supremacy culture characteristics are not, as well as a request to avoid weaponizing the characteristics. You will also find a printable downloadable version of the characteristics.

The racial equity principles page offers ten grounding principles developed by the Dismantling Racism Works collaborative. These principles have, in our experience, proven useful in guiding racial justice practice. I use at least one of them every single day.

On the and... page, you will find some of the many ways that creative people have taken the original list and illustrated it, adapted it, revised it, and improved it.

On the joy page, I have added links to a range of different things that remind us of our ability to cultivate our creativity in the service of our joyful resistance to oppressive dynamics, in the service of joyful energies that keep us going in our commitment to our individual and collective freedom. My hope is that you will send me some version of whatever brings you joy if you would like me to add it to that page.

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