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Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters

We've chatted with Canva Co-founder and COO, Cliff Obrecht, and Lead Recruiter, Scott Crowe — to get the lowdown on why diversity and inclusion matter so much to them, how they’ve stayed true to their company values, and what lessons you can take away from their own efforts. According to Cliff, diversity leads to a better team and a better product. They also shared with us various strategies on how to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Diversify Tech

Diversify Tech is a collection of resources for underrepresented people in tech. This website has job boards for job seekers and those who are hiring.

They also have great newsletters both for underrepresented folx and companies, recruiters, and allies.


Data-Driven Efforts to Address Racial Inequality

A high-level overview of organizations working on the following:

  • Data-Driven Research
  • Data Driven Activism and Advocacy
  • Data-Driven Journalism
  • Data to Measure Racial Injustice
Race, Studies & academia

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