Initiatives & Get Involved

Current Initiatives

The Drupal Diversity Working Group (DDWG) is currently working on the following projects:

  • Organizer Packet A resource for organizers to help them organize and support diverse and inclusive events

  • Infrastructural improvements to the DDWG website & online presence

  • DD&I Contrib Team, a group working to increase code-based contributions from individuals from under-represented groups to the Drupal project. We meet in Drupal slack in #ddi-contrib-team (meeting schedule). 

  • DD&I Session Help, a group working to support and mentor people from underrepresented groups as they prepare session proposals for camps & cons.  We meet in Drupal slack in #ddi-session-help. 

  • DrupalCon Nashville planning, including a board game night, pronoun stickers, a dinner ambassador program, approachability badges, and a conference-wide game.  

Past Initiatives

  • Organized BOF (Birds of a Feather) sessions at Drupalcon Baltimore that embraced and represented the interests and identities of Drupal community members.
  • Ran a #WeAreDrupal photo booth during DrupalCon Baltimore.
  • Ran a weekly book club to discuss books and articles related to diversity & inclusion.
  • Provided a safety-focused back channel for vulnerable attendees of DrupalCon Baltimore. 

Get Involved

We welcome all types of contributors - programmers, content managers, project support staff, and more. However you identify as a contributor and as part of the Drupal community, there is a place for you to get involved here.

Getting started

  1. Come into the #diversity-inclusion room in the Drupal Slack and say hello! (You can get an automatic invite at if you need one.) If Slack doesn’t work for you, you can reach out to us on twitter @drupaldiversity

  2. Join us for a meeting. We meet in #diversity-inclusion every Thursday at 9am PST / 17:00pm UTC (The Time Zone Converter is handy for this). You can see our calendar of meetings and sprints below.

  3. If there is an issue open in any of our or github repositories, it’s available to be worked on. We love to see people in the issue queues, and welcome people jumping in wherever they feel comfortable. We try to label issues so that newcomers can quickly find tasks that match their interests. We borrowed this idea from Girl Develop It’s issue queue.


You can see our calendar for