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This page is for collecting any links to educational materials that explain the importance of inclusion and how to make one’s work or organization more diverse. Please add suggestions!

Stamped from the Beginning

Book by Ibram X. Kendi


Black Mental Health Matters

In today's climate, the mental health of the African American community has to be discussed. Sunshine Behavioral Health recently completed a resource that discusses the mental health effects of the current issues on the community.

Mental health

So You Want to Talk About Race

Book by Ijeoma Oluo


Discussing Race with Drupal Nerds: Chicago Drupal Meetup

Our Drupal community is just that...a community. We're made up of a lot of different perspectives, backgrounds, and cultures. This talk provides Drupal nerds with concepts to talk about race within our community. It will use programming analogies such as "open source", "EOL", and "dependency injection" to help understand why talking about race is so hard, what we can do to make it easier, and make our community more enriching.


Data-Driven Efforts to Address Racial Inequality

A high-level overview of organizations working on the following:

  • Data-Driven Research
  • Data Driven Activism and Advocacy
  • Data-Driven Journalism
  • Data to Measure Racial Injustice
Race, Studies & academia

What White Privilege Really Means — and How to Work on It

A well resourced and comprehensive article for people new to race and privilege discussions.

Privilege, Race

Anti-racism resources for white people

An excellent collection of resources including articles, podcasts, videos, books, and more for white people (especially parents) to learn about systemic racism.