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This page is for collecting any links to educational materials that explain the importance of inclusion and how to make one’s work or organization more diverse. Please add suggestions!

POCIT - Jobs for people of color in tech

A platform connecting people of color with jobs in the tech industry

Hiring, Race

SFDUG - Leveraging Accessibility and Usability to Serve Truly Diverse Audiences

In discussions about accessibility and diversity, our thoughts tend to jump to ARIA links, screen readers, and people of different ethnicities. While these are key aspects to both topics, this talk will push your thinking to considerations beyond accessibility and diversity basics.

Oops, you did an ableism! - Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

An introduction to ableism, particularly the indirect statements and actions that are less recognized.

Words and Phrases to Avoid

A short list of offensive and micro-aggressive words and phrases to avoid, along with explanations of why they are problematic and suggested alternatives.

If There’s Only One Woman in Your Candidate Pool, There’s Statistically No Chance She’ll Be Hired

The article discusses hiring practices and hiring biases when only one candidate comes from an under-represented group.

Hiring, Race

What so many get wrong about racism in the workplace

Racism has been wreaking havoc in our professional lives and we need to address this issue. When companies fail to embrace people of color in the workplace, it is truly a loss for all involved.  At F4S, we've gathered various Racism Workplace Statistics which include data from Glassdoor, SHRM, and from different businesses and organizations. We've also created simple steps you can take to fight racism in the workplace. 

Anti-Racism and Allyship 7 Day Journey offered by Stanford University.

Stanford, along with Hannah Yanow, responded to the very visible examples of racial injustice and systematic racism by creating a resource to help those of us who wish to know more about what they might do to enhance racial justice and support our colleagues. To that end, they created this 7-day journey for participants to learn, reflect and act to create a more equitable and just society for all of us.

Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters

We've chatted with Canva Co-founder and COO, Cliff Obrecht, and Lead Recruiter, Scott Crowe — to get the lowdown on why diversity and inclusion matter so much to them, how they’ve stayed true to their company values, and what lessons you can take away from their own efforts. According to Cliff, diversity leads to a better team and a better product. They also shared with us various strategies on how to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Inclusive Language at Pantheon and in the Pantheon Community

This guide is intended to elevate the way we communicate at Pantheon, and to support our community and contributors in using more inclusive language. It will help ensure everyone feels included and welcome by the language we use and the examples we share.


Diversify Tech

Diversify Tech is a collection of resources for underrepresented people in tech. This website has job boards for job seekers and those who are hiring.

They also have great newsletters both for underrepresented folx and companies, recruiters, and allies.


What does it mean when someone describes themselves with a pronoun mix, like she/they?

This twitter thread talks about the ways people use pronouns and specifically pronoun pairs. Very helpful!

The End of Policing by Alex S. Vitale

Recent years have seen an explosion of protest against police brutality and repression. Among activists, journalists and politicians, the conversation about how to respond and improve policing has focused on accountability, diversity, training, and community relations. Unfortunately, these reforms will not produce results, either alone or in combination. The core of the problem must be addressed: the nature of modern policing itself.

Horror Noire

Coleman traces the portrayal of blackness throughout the horror genre in film, tying this depiction to our cultural understanding of race.

Media, Race

We Were Eight Years in Power

Ta-Nehisi Coates draws a parallel between the 8 years of reconstruction in which black politicians actually held some power in the South, and the 8 years of Obama's presidency - and the backlashes that followed both.